I ordered a camera that looked to be a great deal - $140 less than Amazon - It didn't include charger, card, case. By the time it all added up it was the same price as Amazon.

They then lead me to believe it would be to me in 5 business days, took more like 15! I made multiple calls to them to figure out where it was. When it arrived ,no card that I had paid $49 for - more waiting The case was a joke, some off their shelf that supposedly fit the camera like a glove - it was a s big as my wife's purse. More calls, for my inconvenience would send a 16 Gb card, it was an 8.

They did convince me for the case to keep and they would send another battery - they did that, I assume it works!!

All in all, way TOO MUCH HASSLE to deal with. I hope the camera doesn't break, I hate to deal anymore!!!!

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